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July 25, 2023
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The annual reimbursement limit for an animal mutual is chosen when subscribing. It corresponds to the maximum amount covered by insurance for your veterinary expenses. Here is a point to help you choose the guarantee limit suitable for your pet.

Pet insurance the annual reimbursement ceiling

What is the annual reimbursement ceiling?

Reimbursement ceiling: definition

The reimbursement ceiling is maximum amount that pet health insurance agrees to cover each year. Compensation begins from the date of subscription until renewal, 12 months later.

The higher the ceiling, the greater the coverage. It also increases the amount of monthly contributions to be paid.

Our advice: If you adopt a breed known to be more fragile, we recommend that you choose a good reimbursement limit. In the event of a disaster, the amount of veterinary bills quickly rises. You will then benefit from very good coverage.

Annual ceiling and guarantee levels

When taking out health insurance for your pet, you have the option to choose between several formulas.

Depending on the guarantees, the annual reimbursement ceiling is not the same.

  • The economic formula: a basic and inexpensive offer.

Reimbursements for veterinary expenses are limited in the event of illness and accident. The reimbursement rate generally does not exceed 70% with an annual ceiling of between €1,000 and €1,500.

  • The comfort formula: this contract offers better support.

The reimbursement rate is higher with an annual ceiling of between 1,500 and 2,000 euros.

  • The premium plan: this is the most comprehensive coverage.

It covers all of your pet's health expenses. The reimbursement rate varies from 90 to 100%, and the annual ceiling covers you up to €2,500, on average, per year.

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Why is the annual ceiling not the only element to compare?

Other conditions may vary significantly the care :

  • The reimbursement rate, a percentage indicating the amount reimbursed for each medical procedure.
  • The deductible and the waiting period.
  • Optional guarantees in your contract such as the prevention package. It allows you to obtain reimbursement for the costs of vaccines, sterilization, antiparasitics, scaling, alternative medicines, etc.

We recommend that you compare all these guarantees without forgetting to carefully check the general conditions of the contract before taking out insurance for dogs and cats.

Let's take the example of an insurance offering an annual ceiling of €2,000 with a reimbursement rate of 50%.

As the support rate is low, you will systematically have to pay 50% of the costs yourself. Unless your pet requires hospitalization, you may not benefit from your reimbursement limit.

On the other hand, with a formula granting 70% and €1,500 ceiling, you will benefit from better support.

To have an overview of the different guarantees and the reimbursement ceiling, use our online comparator.

To present you with the best offers on the market, we just need some information:

  • Type of animal: dog, cat, rabbit, ferret…,
  • Breed,
  • Age,
  • Medical background.

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Differences in pet insurance reimbursement limits

Insurance companies have the freedom to set their reimbursement conditions.

Although most insurers offer an annual reimbursement ceiling in their formulas, this is not systematic.

The amount of the ceiling depends on the plan subscribed. It can vary between €1,000 and €7,500 per year. There is no mutual insurance for animals without a ceiling limit. But some formulas promise excellent support.

Pet insurance often allows you to personalize your level of coverage à la carte. It is then possible to choose your reimbursement limit.

Comparison of annual pet insurance reimbursement limits
Maximum annual reimbursement ceiling Pet health insurance
2,000€ Carrefour Insurance Bulle Bleue Fidanimo April AG2R La Mondiale
2,500€ Animal Health Dalma Assur O'Poil Selfassurance
€7,500 Agria

What are the annual reimbursement ceilings for NACs?

For new pets, the ceilings are generally much lower compared to insurance for dogs and cats.

They depend on the insurance company, but also on the type of animal to be insured.

For example, SantéVet insurance offers a plan for parrot, rabbit or ferret with an annual reimbursement ceiling of €800. It is €400 for a guinea pig or a chinchilla.

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Is it possible to change the reimbursement limit?

The insurance policies allow changes to the guarantee on the anniversary date of subscription or even on the 1ster January each year. It is then possible to request a modification of the annual ceiling, to increase or decrease it.

We advise you toavoid taking out ceilings that are too low, to fully cover all of your pet's expenses.

Where to find your guarantee limit?

It is very easy to see what your guarantee limit is. Simply consult the general conditions of your pet insurance contract.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your pet insurance directly.

What to do when you exceed the ceiling of the mutual insurance for animals?

Is the veterinary bill higher than the reimbursement limit of your health insurance? The mutual will reimburse you for the costs up to the planned ceiling and the remaining amount will be entirely your responsibility.

Don't forget, the annual reimbursement ceiling is set from 1er January to December 31. Although it is possible to change the ceiling on the anniversary date of your contract, you will, however, be obliged to respect the ceiling for the current year. If the amount of expenses exceeds the ceiling, you are no longer reimbursed. It is therefore essential to choose a ceiling suitable for your pet.


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