Top 3 Ultra Premium Direct sensitive digestion products for your dog

Top 3 Ultra Premium Direct sensitive digestion products for your dog

Does your dog suffer from poor digestion? Take care of his well-being by buying him kibbles and pâtés adapted to his needs. Easy to assimilate, the three products selected in our buying guide are designed to improve intestinal comfort. They are marketed by Ultra Premium Direct, a reference in the world of canine food. Its high-end products are specifically designed for animals with sensitive digestion.

Discover the Ultra Premium sensitive digestion range

Croquettes, pâtés, treats, powdered food supplements… The best products for your dog are available at Ultra Premium Direct! We present to you the three best-sellers of the brand to improve their digestion.

Bi-Nutrition Pack 12 kg Super Premium Lamb and Rice Croquettes + 24 Boxes of Lamb Pâté

This dual-nutrition pack is suitable for dogs suffering from mild digestive disorders. This set of kibbles and mashes provides a diet rich in protein and low in cereals to facilitate your dog's digestion. Cut with rice to limit gluten while providing the nutritional intake it needs, you can vary between kibbles or mash to offer choice to your four-legged companion.

These products are made in France by Ultra Premium, they do not contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. This lot is suitable for all dogs, sterilized or not. Don't hesitate to order and take advantage of the offer, your dog will thank you!

Its description sheet:

  • Pack elements : 12 kg of kibble and 24 boxes of mash.
  • Ingredients : lamb, rice, pork, zucchini, carrots, apples.
  • Types of dogs : all sizes, sterilized or not.

This pack costs €90.90, by subscribing you benefit from – 10%.


Bi-Nutrition Pack 12 kg Grain-Free Croquettes for Sensitive Dogs + 24 Boxes of Lamb Pâté

The grain-free dual-nutrition pack is aimed at dogs suffering from allergies or intolerance to grains. Offer a hypoallergenic diet to your pet with these kibbles rich in animal proteins and low in carbohydrates.

To vary the pleasures, the lamb pâté will also bring maximum deliciousness! Formulated by veterinarians, these products contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. These grain-free foods will help your dog no longer suffer from digestive problems.

Its description sheet:

  • Pack elements : 12 kg of kibble and 24 boxes of grain-free mash.
  • Ingredients : lamb, zucchini, carrots.
  • Types of dogs : all sizes, sterilized or not.

It is priced at €101.90.


Dog Sensitive Digestion Kit

This sensitive digestion kit includes a bag of treats for your dog to please him despite his restricted diet. These little lamb bites have various benefits, such as providing vitamins, omega 3 and minerals, to preserve the health of your faithful friend.

The treats are accompanied by a complementary digestive food in powder form. It combines probiotics with prebiotics to facilitate your pet's digestion. This supplement also helps stimulate the immune system by making it unfavorable for pathogenic microorganisms to settle in the dog's intestines. These Ultra Premium products are made in France.

Its description sheet:

  • Pack elements : a bag of treats and a powdered complementary food.
  • Ingredients : lamb, rice, flax seeds.
  • Types of dogs : suffering from severe digestive disorders.

It costs only €25.


Tips for choosing the right sensitive digestion product for your dog

Digestive disorders are detrimental to the well-being of pets. If these problems persist, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian to identify their causes.

Before placing an order on the Ultra Premium Direct website, determine which kibbles and pâtés are best suited to your dog's age, breed and lifestyle.

For the health of your four-legged companion, choose products rich in natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. You can also combine different types of food for a complete diet. Remember to observe your pet's reactions and adjust the quantity of kibble or mash based on its weight.

Digestive disorders disrupt your pet's balance. Discover the complete range of Ultra Premium Direct sensitive digestion products! They will help your dog regain better intestinal comfort. Don’t hesitate to share your experience by leaving a review on the product sheets! This allows other customers to find suitable products.

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