Photos: Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Emily Ratajkowski… Vip female dogs!

Photos : Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Emily Ratajkowski... Chiennes de Vip !

Cara Delevingne

Léo bitten!

At the last Fashion Week, Cara had to exfiltrate Leo – not DiCaprio, to whom she had already taken a beating, but – her shiba inu, who was too turbulent. Animal defender, the model sponsors the New Hope Animal Rescue association. “I am touched by the cruelty that humans inflict on animals. We must speak out against these abuses.” Touch the beasts and Cara shows her fangs!

Frédérique Bel

The best accessory for women

A red carpet, a festival, a select evening? Frédérique Bel, the actress in What We Did to the Good Lord?, never goes there without Joca, an adorable ball of fur. Better than a handbag, as photogenic as a top boy, it goes with everything!

Naomi Watts

Doggy bag

To please her sons, Samuel and Sasha, the heroine of Mulholland Drive gave them a dog, Bob, a few years ago. The advantage of the Yorkie is that the poop bag is not bulky… Plastic isn't very classy for a Mugler muse!

Kaley Cuoco

Pocket dog, pocket money Crazy about dogs, the actress from the series The Big Bang Theory owns three. The latest, the smallest, is a dog named Ruby, adopted from a kennel that takes in abandoned animals. With this rikiki template, the kibble budget is really mini.

Amber Rose

Hold your tongue!

The ex of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa loves her two bulldogs, Pauly and Franky, so much that she had them tattooed on her left arm. A much wiser decision than writing your boyfriend's first name. Men come and go, right?

Mickey Rourke

What a mutt!

“Sometimes, when a man is alone, all he has is his dog,” the actor often repeats, faithful to the Pomeranian dogs. Especially since one of them saved him from suicide. “I was deciding which part of my head to put my gun on when Handsome Jack groaned and stared at me, asking me with his eyes, 'Who's going to take care of me now?'”

Pippa Middleton

A hell of a pedigree

With his royal appearance, Rafa, Pippa Middleton's dog, is not likely to end up in the category of crushed dogs. We would rather see him make the headlines and we can't wait to see his party outfit at his mistress's wedding. Quick, a diamond necklace!

Emily Ratajkowski

One eats, the other doesn't

Last March, the model walked a cute dog during a campaign for DKNY lingerie. An infidelity to one's own doggie, much less photogenic and a little too plump. Obviously, he must finish his mistress's leftovers…

Lady Gaga

A dog's mood!

Addicted to bulldogs, the singer has three of different colors. The most famous, Asia, is the face of Coach bags and regularly provokes the wrath of PETA when his mistress disguises him on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus

The Brigitte Bardot 2.0

With six dogs, two cats and a pig, Miley is an animal's best friend. She kisses her animals on the mouth and has a tattoo of the name of her dead dog, Floyd, with whom she spoke through a medium…

Paris Hilton

A golden dog

But no, Diamond Baby, Paris' chihuahua, is no longer a baby, it's his adult size! Bought for €7,500, he is treated like a prince and lives in an air-conditioned kennel costing €300,000, a replica of
his mistress's house. You can not stop progress !

Amber Heard

Well armed!

Johnny Depp's ex, who is a fan of guns and rock'n roll, named his little Yorkie Pistol. Given its caliber, Pistol shouldn't do much damage…

Kelly Osbourne

A perfect duo

On TV sets or red carpets, Kelly always takes her Pomeranian, Polly. With his silky hair and adorable nose, he is already a real star who attracts all the paparazzi. And when Kelly gets tired of carrying it, her assistants make her put back into her Louis Vuitton bag. Chic, right?

Olivia Palermo

Always coordinated

When the It Girl takes out her dog, Mr. Butler, she makes sure to dress him in the latest fashion. If it goes to mom, it goes to the dog too. All he's missing is the sneakers!


Pita is a good dough! On March 29, when boarding the plane for London with Pita, her Jack Russell dog, tragedy struck: “Air France tells us that we cannot take Pita, I am in tears”, tweets Nabilla. Remember that before Pita, the brunette had accidentally crushed Hawaii. Nabilla's dog, a risky job!

Amanda Seyfried

So connected!

“Finn is very sensitive and makes me live in the moment,” enthuses the actress, who adopted her 7-year-old dog from a shelter and encourages everyone to do the same instead of buying a puppy. She even says she sleeps next to Finn but doesn't specify if he is hairier than her husband!

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