How to calm a cat's heat naturally?

How to calm a cat's heat naturally?

When they are not sterilized, males and females regularly go into heat. If there are medicinal treatments to calm them, natural alternatives exist to relieve cats.

In cats, heat is a natural phenomenon. They occur when animals are able to reproduce, and do so on a regular basis. This happens around 7 months of age in females and between 8 months and 1 year of age in young males.. From then on, the heat returns every two to four weeks during the sunny days. And during the few days of heat, cats change their behavior. They may meow more insistently, be more affectionate than usual, or adopt mating postures. However, heat is not painful: it simply signals that the animal is eager to meet a partner. To help the cat think of something else, especially if it cannot go out, there are some natural tips that vary depending on the sex of the cat.

What is a Cat in Heat?

A cat's heat, also called estrus, is a hormonal period when she is ready to be fertilized.. The cat begins her heat at the age of six to nine months and these heats occur every two to three months. Heat can last up to two weeks and is characterized by intense meowing, marked urine and a swollen vulva.

How are cats in heat?

Cats' heat is a period of high sexual activity that can last from a few days to several weeks. Females may exhibit unusual behaviors, including meowing more than usual and displaying more aggressive behavior.. They may also be more affectionate and seek more attention from their owner. The ambivalence of behavior often makes diagnosis difficult. Which does not make it easier to know whether it is a heat period or not.

How does a female cat's first heat manifest?

A female cat's first heat usually occurs between 6 and 10 months of age.. It is usually heralded by increased meowing, attempts to escape the house, and signs of loving behavior, such as cooing and tail wagging. Also, you will observe that your cat increases the number of trips out of the house in search of a male cat who can satisfy her sexual desire.

How long does a cat's heat last?

A cat's heat typically lasts between 3 and 21 days., although this may vary from cat to cat. Cats that have not been spayed or neutered may have recurring heat cycles every two to three months.

How long does a cat's heat last?

A cat's heat generally lasts between 5 and 12 days.. However, we note that we are on a sliding scale from one cat to another. Because this data can last up to 21 days in other cats. Heat is often accompanied by incessant meowing and aggressive behavior, which can be stressful for the owner and their cat. Fortunately, there are natural ways to calm a cat's heat.

Male cat heat period: what to remember?

The heat period in male cats can be a source of stress for owners and the cat. It is important to understand when this period occurs so that you can calm it down naturally. It usually takes place between spring and summer and can last up to four weeks.. During this period, the cat can adopt various behaviors:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Candy
  • Multiply outputs
  • Incessant meow
  • Micro-fever.
  • Etc.

How to calm a cat's heat naturally?

For the female, the fact of exercising and thinking of something else helps to calm down the heat phases. The ideal is therefore to play with her and encourage her to run, jump or even chasing objects. In addition to playing, caressing her and giving her attention allows you to fill emotional need (which is a hormonal side effect). In fact, you need to give the female time by being with her as much as possible. Brush your coat once a day is also one of the natural solutions that help the female to temporarily forget about heat. Finally, it is important to keep the animal indoors and not to let him out under any circumstances. This careless mistake can lead to pregnancy and managing a litter of kittens.

What other tips to calm cats’ heat?

Although they are less known, male heat is a reality. But they do not depend on a cycle: They are triggered when the animal senses a female in heat nearby. However, this heat stops naturally when the male reaches the age of 7 years. As for females, diverting your attention is the easiest way to calm the heat. The easiest way is to play with him and give him more attention than usual. However, the most effective solution remains sterilization.whether via surgery or via an injection given by the veterinarian.

What medications to calm a cat's heat?

There are several medications to calm a cat's heat, including synthetic hormones given as injections or tablets. Your veterinarian can also prescribe herbal medications that can help calm the cat's hormones and reduce heat symptoms. In all cases, avoid purchasing medication without consulting your veterinarian. Because cats are very sensitive to medications. The wrong choice could make your cat sick.

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