How do you know if a cat is pregnant?

How do you know if a cat is pregnant?

In the female cat, pregnancy is signaled by both physical and behavioral changes. However, you have to wait two to three weeks before you see these symptoms appear.

When they are not sterilized, cats go into heat regularly. These occur from their “adolescence”, that is to say when they are between 6 months and a year old. This period can last between two and three weeks. In a way, they are said to have reached sexual maturity and are ready to become mothers-to-be. And if the cat meets an unsterilized male out of sight, she may be pregnant with a litter. She can therefore give birth at any time. All this should alert you. However, as in humans, pregnancy in cats is not visible during the first weeks of gestation. You generally have to wait until the third week to determine whether a female is pregnant or not. Information can be obtained from the veterinarian through to an ultrasound. However, there are some small signs that are easy to spot and indicate that the female is expecting babies.

At what age can a cat get pregnant?

Cats can be fertile at 6 months of age and can become pregnant from this age. However, it is preferable to wait until the age of 1 year to give your cat time to develop properly before allowing her to reproduce. Moreover, make sure that the pelvic bones are very strong. Because any early pregnancy can cause serious health problems for the cat. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

What are the signs of a pregnant cat?

The warning signs of a pregnant cat are fairly easy to determine, although they can also be confused with symptoms of other illnesses or a normal heat spell. Among the most common signs are:

  1. Increased belly size and weight
  2. Greater sensitivity to caresses
  3. An increase in milk in the udders
  4. An increase in appetite.
  5. Etc.

If all of this information does not help you determine your cat's condition, a follow-up ultrasound can be performed to determine whether or not your cat is carrying a pregnancy.

What is the behavior of a pregnant cat?

A pregnant cat may exhibit a number of behavioral changes. She may be calmer and less active, or more active and less calm. She may have mood swings or show signs of anxiety. It can also be more affectionate and seek more attention and cuddles.

Monitor the female’s stomach, back and udders

The first signs of gestation are above all physical. One of the most obvious is the development of the cat's udders. Typically, they enlarge a month after mating and harden in the two weeks before giving birth. You will notice that the pussy's nipples are dyed pink. However, these first signs of pregnancy can be misleading. Indeed, some females see their udders enlarge during heat and with a slight coloring. To make sure this symptom is not a side effect of being in heat, you must then look at the belly and back of the cat. The pregnant female will quickly see her belly round out and she will gain weight. In addition, his back will hollow out slightly. If all these signs appear over a period of one month, it definitely means that the female is pregnant.

A desire for solitude, nausea or loss of appetite

Beyond the physical transformations, the hormones generated by pregnancy can also impact the cat's behavior. In the first days, she can be particularly cuddly, even if she is naturally distant. Or on the contrary, she may seek more to be alone to find a nest to give birth to. The pregnancy may also be visible in the cat's bowl. Some females lose their appetite or eat much more than usual. Finally, like women, cats can also suffer from nausea towards the end of the gestation period. If all the signs indicate the presence of a pregnancy, obtaining confirmation from a veterinarian remains the easiest way to know. In addition, it allows monitoring of the animal until the arrival of the kittens.

How long does a cat's pregnancy last?

The average gestation period of a cat is 63 to 65 days. However, as with all pregnancies, duration may vary depending on the cat and some pregnancies can last up to 70 days. It is therefore important to closely monitor your pregnant cat's health and consult a veterinarian to ensure that she and her kittens are healthy. You will also be able to obtain information on food and/or milk suitable for kittens in the event of birth.

How long does a cat's pregnancy last?

A cat's pregnancy lasts on average 62 to 65 days. The gestation period may vary from one cat to another and the gestation time may be shorter or even longer than average. To this end, we invite you to monitor the health of your cat by regularly consulting the veterinarian. These microconsultations will help you understand your cat's behavior and possibly anticipate health concerns.

How do I know how long my cat has been pregnant?

The gestation period of a pregnant cat is on average 62 to 65 days. To determine how long your cat has been pregnant, you can count from the date of mating or your cat's last heat period. The most difficult thing is to know when your cat mated. If this doesn't work for you, a blood test, or test, or even an ultrasound or x-ray can accurately determine the number of times your cat is pregnant.

What are cat's udders like during pregnancy?

The udders of a pregnant cat generally become more voluminous and softer to the touch. They can also be redder and warmer than usual from the fourth week of pregnancy, and the veins under the skin become more visible. Milk may also be present in the udders of a pregnant cat about two weeks before the kittens are born.

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