Dog contraception: which method to choose?

Dog contraception: which method to choose?

Contraceptive methods for dogs can be temporary or irreversible.
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Some owners will want permanent contraception and others will want to control the calendar of potential births. Discover dog contraception methods, their advantages and disadvantages.

Contraception in dogs and bitches can take many forms. The first step is to define the objective: definitive or temporary.


The pill in dogs works like in humans, so it only applies to females. Using chemical agents, the pill inhibits the female dog's ability to reproduce. The pill also exists to induce an abortion, but it is rather recommended to anticipate so as not to tire your animal too much.

This contraceptive method has an important advantage: keeping your dog fertile, but this requires being up to date with your pet's schedule and closely monitoring its cycles.


Sterilization, also called oophorectomy, is a definitive procedure that is carried out at the veterinarian. In fact, this solution consists, during a surgical procedure, of removing both ovaries of the dog. This contraceptive method is carried out under general anesthesia.

It has the advantage of resolving the behavioral problems linked to the animal's heat since it eliminates them as well as the blood loss associated with this period and the attacks by male dogs. It also offers peace of mind to owners.

Other benefits of sterilization:

  • better cohabitation of female dogs within the same household
  • non-breeding of animals with hereditary diseases
  • no risk of appearance of ovarian tumors
  • reduced risk of breast tumors

But be aware that sterilization can have disadvantages such as: possible weight gain; give appropriate food to a sterilized animal; risk of urinary incontinence (which can be treated with medical treatment).

Since the operation is irreversible, it is important to be sure of yourself and your desire not to have a litter of puppies before carrying out the operation. Its cost is low compared to temporary solutions.

Hormone injections

Hormone injection is a temporary solution to sterilize your pet. It can only be applied to the female dog. At the vet, she will receive an injection of hormones which will make her unable to reproduce. This injection protects her from reproduction for 5 months. The advantage is that you can stop this contraceptive method at any time and thus have a litter of your pet.

However, there are several disadvantages: the cost of around €50 to be paid every 5 months, but also the side effects. In fact, female dogs who receive hormone injections are often more tired and therefore less energetic than dogs who do not receive this treatment. As a result, it is likely to notice weight gain.


The deslorelin implant is the most durable temporary sterilization solution. This is a flea placed under the animal's coat. Chemical agents will prevent reproduction for a period of one year. The implant actually suppresses the activity of the testicles, which decrease in dogs. If your dog's testicles grow back, it means the implant is no longer effective.

This method of contraception initially only concerned male dogs. But some veterinarians now also apply it to female dogs because the effectiveness of deslorelin in preventing heat in female dogs has been demonstrated.

The advantage of this reversible contraceptive method is of course that you can decide to stop contraception whenever you want, but the disadvantage is the cost. It costs around €150 for each implant placement. There may also be consequences on the quality of your dog's coat and its appetite.

Do not hesitate to discuss with your veterinarian to choose the most suitable solution.

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