A plastic water bottle, holes, kibble, a fun way to feed your cat!

A plastic water bottle, holes, kibble, a fun way to feed your cat!

A great predator, our little felines like to combine business with pleasure and to satisfy their appetite and exercise their brains, there is no need to raid the toy aisle in a pet store to satisfy them. A plastic water bottle, a few holes, your favorite kibble and that’s it! The benefits of this homemade toy are numerous. Here's how to make this fun toy to feed your cat.

Choosing the right DIY toy bottles

In order to make this fun and “nourishing” toy, you need very little material: 1 small plastic bottle and a cutter.

Before proceeding with cutting, a few precautions. Favor containers of food origin such as drinks or cans of demineralized water. Clean the bottle and dry it carefully before inserting your feline's kibble or treats. When choosing the shape, choose a bottle or small round container so that it rolls easily on the ground. Remember to wash, dry and save the cap.

Just 3 steps to make this fun kibble dispenser

3 simple steps allow you to make this toy from recycled materials at a lower cost.

  • Clean and dry the bottle;
  • Using the cutter, cut the holes on the sides of the bottle;
  • Check that the holes are large enough to drop the kibbles one by one.

Once this size stage is over, all that remains is to let your cat play and feed in a fun way.

Why offer this game to your little four-legged friend?

Apartment cats will particularly appreciate this handmade toy for its simplicity and the rewards that accompany it. By pushing the object, your cat will have to develop its dexterity, work on its intelligence and exert itself. So many advantages so that the cat does not get bored during your absence while taking care of its weight and health.

This way of distributing food can help the gluttonous cat to gently regulate its consumption of kibble. It also avoids the frustration and stress that he may feel if he has to change the dose of his daily ration.

For your cat to fully benefit from the benefits of this plastic water bottle transformed into a fun food dispenser, you will still need to remove from his ration the quantity of kibble or treats transferred into the bottle.

The outdoor cat may just as enjoy this game which will remind him of hunting trips in nature and perhaps encourage him to stay at home longer.

Other DIY games to awaken your cat's instincts

Using a small plastic water bottle is not the only way to feed your cat in a fun way. To awaken his instincts, encourage him to move and make him think, here are two other toys to make yourself.

The round of kibbles

As with the plastic bottle, simply choose a food box such as crème fraîche or fromage frais and an additional lid of a slightly larger diameter. Clean and dry all parts. You will need a strong, non-toxic glue for this fun kibble dispenser. Cut holes large enough to allow the kibble to pass through one by one. Glue the additional lid to the bottom of the box. This addition makes the maze roll in a more random manner which will certainly please your feline.

Exercise your cat's brain

The surprise box is a very simple object to make yourself. To make it, you need:

  • A shoe box or a box of tissues;
  • Several rolls of toilet paper;
  • A non-toxic glue.

If you choose the empty tissue box, take care to cut off the top. Stick the empty toilet paper rolls at the bottom of the box until you fill as much space as possible. Then attach it in a vertical position along a wall, on its cat tree, against a piece of furniture. The important thing is that it doesn't tip over. Fill several rolls with a few kibbles or treats, but don't fill everything! Vary the filling locations each day so that your cat slips its paw into several of them before discovering the treasure hidden there.

You will find on the Internet many toys or fun kibble dispensers to make yourself as well as games to develop your intelligence. Your little feline will be just as delighted to have fun with the fishing rod you made with your own hands as with a toy found in a pet store. Perhaps you already make your cat's toys? Tell us in the comments which ones he prefers and don't forget to leave your recipe! It will delight other little felines and their master.

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