two dogs kill domestic animals in a village in Orne

two dogs kill domestic animals in a village in Orne

“You can give me ten million euros, that won’t give me back my female dog. » The emotion is still raw for Philippe Veau, six days after the events. Sunday December 24, 2023, this resident of Ciral, in Orne, found his dog in his garden Scoundrel, “slaughtered” by two wandering dogs.

“At midday, I took my dog ​​out so that she could stretch her legs around my workshop as she usually does. And then I saw two staff-type dogs cross my fence and go onto my land. When I left my house, I found her dead. She was 16 years old. »

Five hens attacked

The same day, the two dogs also attacked five chickens belonging to Philippe Veau’s neighbors. “There are still the feathers in our garden. They are all dead”, testifies the neighbor. Philippe Veau took his dog’s remains to a veterinarian to have her cremated. The specialist doctor confirmed, with supporting certificate, that the animal “had bite injuries leading to death”.

The dogs killed five chickens in the garden of Philippe Veau’s neighbors. | WEST FRANCE

The dogs killed five chickens in the garden of Philippe Veau’s neighbors. | WEST FRANCE

“We want to alert”

The two families who were victims of these attacks filed a complaint with the gendarmerie, but “We were told that this was not possible because it concerns animals”, sighs Philippe Veau. Martine Voltier, the mayor of Ciral, recognizes that the two dogs are posing ” worries ” in the village. But to her too, the gendarmerie explained that “this damage cannot be the subject of criminal proceedings because the animal is considered an object in French law. Insurance covers this. »

A response that is difficult to hear by Christophe Gérard, lawyer at the Paris and Brussels bars, who regularly represents the voice of mistreated animals before the courts. “In form, article 15-3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure clearly states that judicial police officers and gendarmes are required to receive complaints of offenses against criminal law. And taking into account the elements that you bring to me, two articles could apply to this case. »

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Article 322-1 of the Penal Code states that the destruction or damage of property belonging to another is punishable. “And, for animals, article R 653-1 stipulates that the act of clumsiness, inattention, imprudence, negligence or breach of the obligation of safety or prudence causes the injury or death of a domestic animal is punishable by a fine”, recalls the lawyer. “And when the complaint is not accepted by the gendarmerie, we can always write directly to the public prosecutor. »

And if, one day “we see a child being attacked”…

This is what Philippe Veau did. “It is no longer possible, we want to alert people because these dogs have attacked animals in the community several times. Previously, there were goats and a brood of rabbits. It would make me feel bad if I did nothing and one day we saw a child or an adult being attacked.”he continues.

Martine Voltier, mayor of Ciral, is also very worried: “It’s been going on for two years. I ask that these dogs be euthanized because there is recurrence after recurrence. There are children who live near these dogs…”

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Contacted, the owner said he was taking the necessary steps to part with one of his category 2 dogs and “declared” in town hall. “With my professional activity, I have less time for him, unfortunately, he explains. The dog needs to go out. Why is he attacking? The vet doesn’t explain it. If I can’t find an association to place him, I will have to have him euthanized. »

And Christophe Gérard reminds us that a dog, ” whatever “ must be accompanied by his master when he is out walking. As for category 2 dogs, called guard or defense dogs, they must wear a muzzle. “when they are walked outside”.

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