NASC president talks state of pet biotics

NASC president talks state of pet biotics

Bill Bookout, president and founder of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), says there has been year-over-year growth in demand for biotic-based supplements for general pet health. It mirrors the increase in human consumption of products centered on the microbiome.

Acknowledging this trend, NASC will give more attention to the pet microbiome during the organization’s annual conference in Florida next week than it has at previous meetings. One workshop delves into the postbiotic influence on the microbiome and related effects on horses. Another tackles the pet probiotic purchasing journey.

In advance of the conference, Bookout said there are unique challenges to creating supplements focused on the pet microbiome and that the industry still desires more research to create the most optimal products for animals.

NIU: What are the reasons the pet supplement industry focuses on the pet microbiome? Are they similar to the reasons why the industry invests in the human microbiome?

BB: I think it’s largely the same. The pet industry in general is a fast-follow industry. So, for the most part, whatever you see that has popularity on the human side of the industry is going to rapidly progress and come over to the pet side, whether that’s joint products or essential fatty acids or biotics.

I also think COVID really increased the visibility and importance of talking about the immune system, and the microbiome is the largest immune supporting organ in the body, human or animal.

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