How to choose the right food for your dog or cat

How to choose the right food for your dog or cat

The food you choose for your dog or cat can influence their health, well-being and longevity.

Since an animal’s size, age and medical conditions influence its nutritional needs, it is essential to choose food that meets the evolving life stages and specific needs of each animal.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when choosing the right food for your pet:

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1. How old is your pet?

As your four-legged friend ages and matures, their nutritional needs change. Find out what food he needs, depending on his age!

Growing puppies and kittens

In addition to ensuring the cognitive and physical development of puppies and kittens, the food chosen must be formulated to meet their energy needs and support the proper development of the brain, eyes and skeleton. Note that some large breed dogs will continue to be in the growth phase beyond 1 year. They will therefore have to continue to consume food indicated for growth until the end of growth.

Adult dogs and cats aged 1 to 7 years

Once adults, animals must receive a balanced diet, which takes into account their lifestyle habits and which helps to maintain them in good health. For example, Hill’s Science Diet food for adult dogs contains antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids, which help support their overall health.

Dogs and cats over 7 years old

By offering food adapted to an aging animal, you contribute to its vitality. For example, the older a cat gets, the more specific nutrients it will need to help reduce the risk of kidney and mobility problems.

2. Does your pet have any specific needs?

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During its life, an animal can develop certain health problems. If you suspect your pet has a medical condition, consult your veterinarian for help in developing a treatment plan and diet.

Weight Management in Dogs and Cats

Half of all pets are overweight. Yours could suffer from obesity, without you knowing it, since 90% of owners do not notice their pet’s weight gain over the years.

Health Problems in Dogs and Cats

Dogs can be affected by specific health problems, such as joint pain, bad breath, food sensitivity or lack of vitality. There are suitable nutritional formulas that will allow him to get back on his feet. Cats can also use a suitable food, depending on their lifestyle or physical conditions. In any case, if you think your pet has a health problem, consult your veterinarian.

3. What are your pet’s preferences?

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The flavors, aromas and textures of the foods that are served to your pet can influence their appetite, which is why there are several nutritional options to meet their needs and preferences.

Dry food for dogs and cats

Dry foods come in many different shapes and textures to match your pet’s size and jaw shape. Are you a dog owner? You have the choice between crunchy or soft and smooth or crispy texture.

Canned food for dogs and cats

There are a variety of canned foods that some pets prefer. Food for dogs and cats is also available in the form of stews, which can contain nourishing vegetables, tender morsels and flavorful sauces that your pet won’t be able to resist.

Stews or chopped foods can be served as a meal as well as a complement to dry food.

Treats for dogs and cats

Why not combine business with pleasure with treats that are both delicious and nutritious for your pet? Treats contribute to their happiness, but they must be given in moderation to prevent your pet from receiving too many.

There are many brands of pet food available. If you’re looking for a high-quality brand that supports the health of your cat or dog, Hill’s Science Diet is perfect.

It offers a tasty, biology-based, veterinarian-recommended diet to anticipate the ever-changing needs of your pet, from baby to adult.

Visit the Mondou store nearest to you or visit the website for good advice on what food is best for your pet and food selection Hill’s Science Diet.

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