Dompierre-sur-Yon: in Berthelière, stray cats have taken up residence

Dompierre-sur-Yon: in Berthelière, stray cats have taken up residence

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There are around fifteen of them. Big, small, old, young, white, black, tabby… In the village of Berthelièrein Dompierre-sur-Yon, the cats could soon outnumber the inhabitants! Although their presence is tacitly tolerated by the villagers, their growing number begins to worry.

“A few weeks ago, a lady temporarily housed in the village expressed her surprise on social networks at seeing so many stray cats. Alerted, the association came to the site to see the situation and discovered a potential problem if nothing is done quickly,” explains Coline Devé, an active member of Moustaches Yonnaises, an association which seeks foster families for stray cats.

A health risk

On site, Coline spotted a significant number of kittens and pregnant cats. “These are cats fed by a resident who was overwhelmed by the situation,” analyzes Coline after speaking with the residents. “This situation has been going on for some time. Initially, the cats were housed before finding themselves outside. But we continue to feed them,” she says. “The fact that they are outside can quickly become problematic. For example, they enter houses as soon as they see an open window,” she adds.

This wandering also presents health risks. “Food left outside attracts other animals, especially rodents, and diseases can develop and be transmitted to pets,” warns Coline.

The association therefore decided to intervene. “We contacted the town hall to encourage them to launch a sterilization campaign in order to control the feline population,” announces Coline. “Communities must know that they can receive support from large associations like the Bardot Foundation or 30 Million Friends, which offer assistance,” she informs.

Fed outside, these stray cats can quickly create health problems ©JPY

A sterilization campaign in June

At Dompierre town hall, the call was heard. ” A sterilization campaign will be implemented in June” , announcement François Gilet, mayor of the town. He specifies that he is in contact with the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), “which will take care of sterilization”, and with associations “which will support the municipality in the capture of stray cats”.

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The cost of sterilization will be entirely covered by the community, at the rate of €70 per animal. Once sterilized, the cats will be released and returned to their original habitat, the objective being to combat their proliferation.

Moustaches yonnaises, an association that encourages sterilization campaigns

Maud Rossignon, president of Moustaches yonnaises, and Coine Devé, active member
Maud Rossignon, president of Moustaches yonnaises, and Coine Devé, active member ©JPY

“The problem of stray cats concerns many municipalities,” notes Maud Rossignon, president of the Moustaches yonnaises association. This young structure, created in 2023, was born to get involved in animal protection.

Our goal is to help these animals, treat them if they are sick and find them foster families.

Maud Rossignon, president of the Moustaches yonnaises association

But faced with the growing phenomenon, the young association has need means, particularly foodstuffs such as kibble. “We especially need to find families ready to accommodate the cats while they recover before being able to offer them for adoption,” insists Coline Devé.

Other cities concerned

The problem therefore does not only arise in Dompierre. ” HAS The rock on yon, we find stray cats in La Garenne, towards the Gare district, in Vigne-aux-Roses,” lists Maud Rossignon. “It’s a growing problem and one of the solutions is to prevent them from proliferating by sterilizing them.”

” We have need for municipal involvement through sterilization campaigns,” insists Coline Devé, who recalls that larger structures can support communities in these processes. “At our level, we, a small structure, can alert and provide our help to trap and collect if necessary, but on our own, we don’t have enough weight.”

La Roche-sur-Yon has already carried out sterilization campaigns in 2019 and 2022, but each time in targeted areas, following reports. In conjunction with the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), the City was able to install traps to capture the felines. The SPA managed the sterilization before releasing them.

Following the alerts from Mustaches Yonnaises in the Yonnais neighborhoods, a new campaign could take place in 2025. This is what the association hopes. Contacted, the City has not yet confirmed anything.

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